Inspiring people to live out of overflow through a relationship with Jesus

After much prayer, fasting, and guidance, we are believing in God's plan for our church and ask you to come alongside us! On March 27, 2022, we voted as a church to change our name to Overflow Church. We encourage you to watch Pastor Brandon's announcement message below.

We are committed to showing the love of Jesus to the world. We are passionate about reaching the lost with the hope of Jesus, and we rejoice in the one. We are a dynamic, life giving church and we exist as a vessel for the hurting, broken and lost to meet Jesus. Overflow is not just a church, it’s a lifestyle for any and all who desire more than going through the motions. It’s a place that beckons all who want to experience the abundance found in Jesus. Come as you are!

We have tshirts, long sleeve shirts, hoodies and hats available in the family room and at events. Or check out our merch store for different styles and colors! Merch Store

Core Values

Our methods will evolve but the timeless message of Jesus stays the same

We catch the fish and let Jesus clean them

We cannot out give God and so we give without reservation

We honor yesterday and inspire tomorrow

It’s not about entertainment, it’s about encounters

We strive to do the best with what we have in presentation and inspiration

Passion creates energy and energy is contagious

We honor people in their presence and their absence


We believe the best way to experience transformation is to get in the flow.

FOLLOW [ Weekend Services ]
One of the gifts God has given us is the local church. There are some things that just don’t happen apart from corporate worship. We believe Spirit filled services can change the direction of your life

LEARN [ LifeGroups ] 
We are not meant to do life alone. Discipleship takes intentionality and we believe doing life together, beyond Sunday, is a key element to experience growth in our faith walk.

Going through the motions and just getting by was never part of God’s plan. Jesus said, “I came that they may have life, and life abundantly.” There is a place where you not only survive but thrive and operate in the gifts and purpose God has placed within you.

WORSHIP [ Lifestyle ]
Worship is more than a song you sing with your lips, it’s the melody produced by your lifestyle. As you walk with Jesus, your experience will flow into every area of your life. This is Worship.